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As I enter my senior year at UNH as a Civil Engineering major, I am thankful for all that UNH has offered me from a great education, to the numerous friends and faculty members.

Obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at the University of New Haven, has provided me with a strong foundation. In addition to the traditional classroom education, I completed a 300 hour internship at the Suffolk County Water Authority on Long Island, as a Distribution Engineer where I conducted several flow, pressure and head loss tests on different fire hydrants in the field. I was also responsible for monitoring and analyzing the water distribution map to determine possible future main burst. 


While at school, I volunteered for the City of West Haven by conducting a three month long survey, locating catch basins for storm water runoff. The data I collected was used to help fix the severe storm water drainage problem the City of West Haven has.

I am excited about the future and look forward to starting my professional career as a Civil Engineer.

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“I try to challenge myself in everything I do. Whether in school or on the track, I always give it my all and do the best I can”


"There is nothing you can't accomplish,

if you put your heart, mind and soul into it".




  • GPA = 3.07



  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon



  • Suffolk County Water Authority



  • Cross Country

  • Basketball

  • Racing

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